President Obama along with his minions, including Press Secretary Josh Ernest, continues to refer to the radical Islamic terrorist attack in San Bernardino, CA as “another act of gun violence”. Wake up and smell the falafel you politically correct liberal idiots!

Former founding member of the Department of Homeland Security, Philip Haney says the California attack by Syed Farook and his terrorist mail-order-bride, Tashfeen Malik that killed 14 and injured 21, could have been prevented. Haney headed a DHS team monitoring people with ties to terrorist organizations who wanted to come to the U.S. The team had been monitoring a southern California mosque that Farook attended.

Unfortunately, DHS’s Civil Rights Office along with the State Department shut down the program because they didn’t want to be “profiling Muslims” (or as Obama would say, “Mooslums”). What about the “civil rights” of the 35 U.S. citizens in San Bernardino that were killed or injured? What about the civil rights of their spouses, children and parents? If we don’t profile “Muslims”, how will we find Muslim terrorists? The Obama administration would rather be profiling “guns” because they are doing the killing. By not profiling Muslims, we’re also not looking at any of the multitude of Muslims in the Whitehouse.

Furthermore, when this highly successful DHS program was shut down, many of the investigative records were destroyed. Isn’t that convenient? No paper trail once again to show the incompetence of the Obama administration. Sound familiar? How many thousand Hillary Clinton emails were allegedly lost? “Lost” is Obamaspeak for destroyed.

If the program had remained in operation, would the attack have been prevented? Hindsight is always 20/20. Because of his affiliation with the Southern California mosque, Farook would have been watched more closely and may have been placed on the “No Fly” list. Then the K-1 visa his would be Saudi/Pakistani bride applied for would have been declined because of Farook’s association with the mosque. The attack may or may not have been prevented, however, if the program had still been in operation, there would have been a much better chance to have prevented it.

By the way, for his stellar work on this DHS program, Philip Haney received a Letter of Commendation for finding more than 300 suspected terrorists. So what happened to Mr. Haney when he went to Congress and the Inspector General to notify them of the program being shut down, his bosses retaliated by pulling his security clearance. Well isn’t that so “high schoolish”.

Yesterday the Muslim in the White House, Obama, referred to the 21 Christians beheaded in Egypt as “citizens” not Christians. Hey Mr. Obama, they weren’t killed because they were citizens; they were killed because they were Christians.

Below is a link for a well-written article by David Barton This absurdity comes on the heels of Obama’s comments last week at the National Prayer Breakfast comparing the Christian Crusades to radical Muslim extremism; although he, of course did not actually say “radical Muslim extremism” and never will.

David Barton penned a very well written article entitled “President Obama’s Misguided Sense of Moral Equivalency” which will open your eyes to some of the world’s worst political and religious atrocities and puts them in perspective to Obama’s comments.

Last week a man in Chapel Hill North Carolina killed three (3) people he had a dispute with over parking spaces. Parking space disputes almost never rise to the level of killing someone but apparently did in this instance. The three deceased persons were Muslim; the shooter an atheist. The blame stream media had a field day with “Three Muslims Killed in NC”, it’s a “hate crime”.  As much as they tried, the media couldn’t get the traction that the Michael Brown and Treyvon Martin stories garnered.

What if the Muslims in North Carolina were killed by a Christian and not an atheist? What would Obama have said about that incident? Would he have drawn analogies to the Crusades and slavery again as he has recently done with the beheadings in Egypt? Only time will tell.

For those of you old enough to remember the 60’s, you could get your nightly national and world-wide news on ABC, NBC and CBS. That was the only source of news other than print media.  At that time the networks spoon fed their audiences with their liberally slanted news and almost everyone just accepted it as the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Of course when liberals protested against the war in Vietnam, the networks fell into line and protested as well. So well that it caused liberal democrat Lyndon B. Johnson to pull out of the 1968 presidential race; someone had to be the fall guy for the “liberal cause”.

One way the networks influenced the uninformed TV watchers was through statistics; and the key stat then was “deaths”. The nightly news reported on a daily basis how many American soldiers, marines and airman were killed that day, that week, that month and a running total for the war.  Sound familiar?  Fast forward to Bush 43’s presidency.  Bush’s “war on terror” in Afghanistan and Iraq was also not very popular with the “blame stream media”.  The fact that George W. Bush was a Republican made it easier for the networks to attack the war.  Again, what better way to promote the liberal agenda than with death toll statistics.  Thanks to the internet, cell phones, satellites and other new forms of instant communication, the news media knows what happens in a war almost as soon as it happens.

What has happened since “Bush left the White House”? We no longer received daily updates from the networks as to how bad the wars were going.  They no longer provided a running total of American deaths.  Why, because “Bush left the White House”.  The media’s golden child was now president.  The United States no longer had a “war on terror” it was an “overseas contingency operation” according to the newly anointed president, Barack Hussein Obama.  There were no longer “terrorist attacks”, they were “man-caused disasters”.  When a radical Muslim soldier shot a few dozen fellow soldiers killing 13 of them at Ft. Hood, Texas, that was neither a terrorist attack nor man-caused disaster; it was “work-place violence”.  The main stream media (MSM) just fell into line and reported it as such so as to continue to support and promote the liberal/progressive agenda of the Democrat Party.

During the Vietnam War, over 58,000 Americans lost their lives. Since that war ended, hundreds of thousands have died before their time as a direct result of the war, and continue to die today.

The death toll of Americans in the Iraq War during George Bush’s presidency was 4,222; during Barack Obama’s presidency, 267. The death toll of Americans in the Afghan War from 2001 through 2008 was 630; during Obama’s tenure of almost 6 years, so far 1,724 American have died.  While Bush was in charge, the MSM reported daily deaths with a running total of lives lost.  During Obama’s reign, if you only watched the networks for your news, you would never know that 3 times as many Americans were killed in Afghanistan on Obama watch as Commander-in-chief than while Bush in charge.  Why?  War and death don’t fit the liberal/progressive narrative nor does it support Obama’s self-aggrandizement statements like “Osama Bin Laden is dead and Al-Qaeda is on the run”.

What is even more irresponsible by the networks is their total ignorance to what is happening world-wide at the hands of Islamic terrorists. By ignorance I’m not implying the MSM doesn’t know what is going on because with their resources they have access to everything that is going on; they choose to ignore it.

This week the BBC World Service reported that last month, November 2014, 5,042 people were killed world-wide by Islamic Jihadists. Over 2,000 of those casualties were civilian.  Just yesterday in Iraq, 41 civilians were killed by Jihadists and 18 the day before.  Did you hear about that on network nightly news?  Nope.  Then, worst off all, the New York Post reported this week that ISIS terrorists beheaded 4 children under the age of 15 for refusing to denounce Jesus Christ.  Did you hear about that on ABC, NBC or CBS?  Of course not because it doesn’t fit the progressive anti-Christian liberal dribble mold the Democrat party wants us all to believe is the way we all should think; and the main stream media is ever so complicit to promote that line thought.

Well main stream media, if you are going to use death statistics to make conservatives and republicans look bad, you should also report terrorist mass murders around the world even when it makes liberal progressive democrats look bad as well. That is of course if you were actually fair minded “real” journalists instead of ideologues shilling for Obama and the Democrats.

Are you kidding me!!!

By the way, I’m back from my summer vacation which has been hectic and crazy to say the least as well as very relaxing.

Back to the media.  CBS morning show anchor Gayle King, long time Oprah Winfrey coattail grabber, said this week to one of her guests, “as long as they’re not doing anything illegal, let them live”.  How stupid can that be?  If they are an “illegal”, they are doing something “illegal”.  I remember well back to the 80’s when I resided in Connecticut and Gayle King was a very pregnant local news reader for WFSB TV.  How could I forget that?  Since leaving CT, it doesn’t appear that Ms. King has been checking her dictionary much because according the Webster’s New World Dictionary, the definition of “illegal” is “not lawful; against the law or against the rules”.  The foundation of the United States is based on the Rule and Law.  We have laws that deal with immigration and the how to “legally” enter our country.  One who enters this country illegally is breaking those laws.  Ms. King, the “illegals” you refer to that entered this country illegally, ARE “doing something illegal”!

Here in North Carolina media outlets have figured out how to get around labeling a law breaker “illegal”.  They ignore that fact that they entered our country illegal and call them “undocumented” or in the most recent case of the influx of children from Central America, “unaccompanied children” (see WRAL’s bleeding heart story).  On WITN’s website they refer to the “illegal” children entering our country as the “child migrant crisis” and WBTV website as “unaccompanied immigrant children”.

Are they entering the country legally or illegally?  If they are breaking the law, it’s illegal; so call them “illegal”.  If I broke the law, let’s say speeding, and went to court and said to the Judge, “Your Honor you should throw this out of court because I deserve a ‘freebee’.  I know what I did was illegal but just like those ‘illegal immigrants’ who break the law by entering our country illegally, they get a “freebee” why shouldn’t I get a freebee as well?”  The judge’s response would probably be short and sweet, “Pay the clerk the fine plus court costs on your way out”.

The incentive for illegals to come here are the freebees which are, among other things, food, clothing, shelter, education, medical treatment, Medicaid, legal counsel, money, transportation and a job?  So why do illegals immigrants get freebees and we don’t?  The short answer is that liberals control the White House & Senate and the Republican controlled House hasn’t done enough to stop it.  Furthermore, the complicit so called “main stream media” leans so far left in their news reading chairs that they need a seat belt to keep them from falling over.

Then again, are they really “illegal” if Obama’s Border Patrol Agents invite them or just let them in across the border?  On Fox News this morning a trucker that makes a living driving back-and-forth across the southern border,  said at border check points, the Border Patrol is doing very little to stop “illegals”.  As you will see from this video, the trucker is asked “Border Patrol how many on board?”  The trucker responds “Me”.  The Border Patrol Agent comes back with, “U.S. Citizen?” Trucker say, “Yeah but does it really matter?”  The Border Patrol Agent responds, “Not anymore unfortunately, thank you”.  That says it all.  Our county is in real trouble.

This past winter in eastern North Carolina has been one that most of us will remember for a long time to come. Weather wise it was the coldest and wettest on record and seemingly lasted forever. Now and again when we experienced an occasional warm and sunny day, there was a glimmer of hope that it was over. Then Mother Nature again reminded us that winter was still with us.

Spring finally arrived and there was a collective sigh of relief in the area.

In the plains and mid-west, spring marks the beginning of the severe weather and tornado season. For some unknown reason this year, eastern North Carolina has become the bell-weather for marking the beginning of spring’s wrath of Mother Nature.

A few weeks ago a twister passed through the east causing damage in the small town of Pantego, North Carolina in Beaufort County. A small pickup truck with a father and son inside was picked up and carried over power lines then dropped in an empty farmer’s field some 200’ away. Fortunately no one was seriously injured.

The early forecast for Friday, April 25th was “a good chance of thunderstorms, some severe and heavy at times”. With that in mind my wife, grandson and I headed to Belhaven for dinner. As we enjoyed our meal I could see from the corner of my eye on one of the large screen TV’s that a local station was continually covering the weather. Once in a while I would get up and take a closer look at what was developing into a major weather event. The weather radar images were covered with yellow, red and purple. I knew that wasn’t good, especially since it was heading toward us. As is the case in most taverns, when multiple large screen TV’s are running at once, the audio is usually silent. When I saw little spinning images dotting the radar, I knew it was time take action.

We cut our dining experience short and headed home as quickly as possible so as to “shelter-in-place”. The thunder was crashing and the lightning show spectacular on the ride home. We were at home for less than two minutes when a severe thunderstorm caught up with us and passed through our home in Bath.

When the sun came up Saturday morning, all was well in our neighborhood. The rest of Beaufort County did not fare as well. An “EF3” tornado with winds exceeding 150 MPH ripped through our county. From its initial touchdown in Chocowinity on the south side of the Pamilico River to Pinetown where it eventually subsided, a swath of 21 miles left behind devastation and destruction. A home that we lived in 5 years ago in the North Shores section of the county was spared by no more than 100’. More than 250 homes were damaged or destroyed. Eight thousand households were without power. Fortunately, there were only 18 injuries no fatalities initially reported.

At last count, funnel clouds and twisters were reported in Wayne, Green, Nash, Halifax, Pitt, Chowan, Perquimans, Pasquotank and Beaufort counties. The National Weather Service confirmed 7 tornadoes hit eastern North Carolina bringing this season’s total to twelve.   For the time being, jettisoned North Carolina to the top of the list of states with the most tornadoes this year. Many are simply thanking God that their lives were spared.

Clean up efforts are underway with many county area residents volunteering their time and resources. The Pamlico Area Red Cross and many local churches are providing assistance to storm victims. North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory toured hardest hit Beaufort County to assess the damage and determine what the state could do to help. See photo below of McCrory (far right), N.C. Emergency Management Director Frank Sprayberry, N.C. State Senator Bill Cook and Beaufort County Sheriff Alan Jordan.

Cook McCrory and Jordan

On Sunday, April 27th the day that Gov. McCrory came to the east, we learned that an 11 month old infant died from injuries suffered Friday evening as one of the tornadoes hit Chowan County. Eastern North Carolina experienced the first EF3 tornado of the year nationwide as well as the first tornado fatality; certainly not the last. On Sunday tornadoes also tore through Arkansas killing 18.  The U.S. tornado season has only just begun.

Back in 2008 when Senator Barack Hussein Obama was campaigning for the presidency he said the following, “We cannot continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve the national security objective that we’ve set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong and just as well funded.” He meant what he said and followed through on it. It went unnoticed by most people and completely ignored by the main stream media, but as many as 80 different federal government agencies began purchasing alarmingly large quantities of ammunition. Those agencies include but are certainly not limited to:

  • Dept. of Homeland Security – purchased 450 million rounds
  • FBI – purchased 100 million rounds
  • Social Security Administration – purchased 174,000 rounds of .357 hollow point rounds
  • Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)
  • Internal Revenue Service (IRS)
  • Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)
  • Federal Reserve Bank
  • Post Office
  • Dept. of Education
  • Dept. of Energy
  • Dept. of Agriculture
  • Dept. of Wildlife
  • National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) – they shoot at hurricanes and tornados to make them go away
  • National Marine Fisheries Service
  • Dept. of Health and Human Services
  • Dept. of Commerce
  • U.S. Agency for International Development

Federal Protective Services DHS

(In photo: small print above Police it says Federal Protective Services)

Bureau of Land Management (BLM)Recently near Mesquite, Nevada we saw what happens when a federal agency has a “little” law enforcement training and loaded automatic weapons can do for an innocuous situation that has been going on for more than 20 years. We almost saw the “shoot out at the Bundy coral”.

The Cliven Bundy family has been cattle ranchers in this part of Nevada since the late 1880’s. Their cattle have been grazing here on what is now called “federal lands”, for which the Bundy’s have been assessed grazing fees. The land is supposed to be managed by the federal Bureau of Land Management (BLM). Their management duties include maintaining fencing and water supplies for the cattle. Bundy contends that the BLM has failed to maintain the land and for that reason he stopped paying the grazing fees more than 20 years ago. During the Clinton administration, cattle were barred from the area so that the ever so precious desert tortoise could be protected. Long story short, Bundy lost in court a number of times and now it was time for BLM to confiscate the beef on hoof. First action taken by BLM was to erect a fenced off area with a sign that read “First Amendment Area”, outside of which free speech is banned. WHAT? Protesters including the Bundys could only exercise their God given constitutionally guaranteed right to free speech in this cordoned off BLM designated area. BS! All of America is a First Amendment Zone!

First Amendment Zone

See what happens when you give a federal agency a “little” law enforcement training and loaded automatic weapons; the power goes to their head, they get all uppity in your face and re-write the Constitution to suite themselves. If the BLM primary duties are to maintain fencing and water supplies for the cattle, why do they have fully armed SWAT teams on site with orders to “shoot” the demonstrators?

Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval said, “No cow justifies the atmosphere of intimidation which currently exists nor the limitation of constitutional rights that are sacred to all Nevadans. The BLM needs to reconsider its approach to this matter and act accordingly.”

Documentary film maker Dennis Michael Lynch shot film (no pun intended) of the standoff. You will be surprised to see what he caught on film in this FNC interview with Megan Kelly.

The tension at the Bundy Ranch has since de-escalated and the BLM has withdrawn, for now. There are still many unanswered questions as to why and how the situation spiraled out of control as it did. Could it be political?

On April 17, 2014 while on stage in Las Vegas at the Review Journal forum, Senate Majority Leader Harry said this about his fellow Nevadans demonstrating near the Bundy Ranch, “These people that hold themselves out to be patriots are not. They’re nothing more than domestic terrorists. And I think we are a country where people should follow the law. And what went up in Mesquite is not very good; I repeat what went on up there is domestic terrorism.” The U.S Senate Majority Leader called people exercising their constitutional first amendment rights “domestic terrorists”! After the 2009 Ft. Hood shooting in which Major Nadal Hasan, a muslim, shot and killed 13 and injured 30 more, Sen. Harry Reid did NOT label him a domestic terrorist; that shooting was identified as ”workplace violence”.

By the way, the 35 year old Director of the BLM, who knows nothing about land management, was Harry Reid’s former Chief-of-Staff. We also know that Sen. Harry Reid’s son has “an interest” in this grazing land as well.

Could it be political; in the vernacular of Sarah Palin, “you betcha”.

Recently al-Qaeda had a meeting of the top brass to plan how best to continue their Jihadism. CBS News called it al-Qaeda’s biggest gathering in years. Among the featured speakers was Nasir al-Wuhayshi who is known in al Qaeda circles as their “crown prince”. A number of videos have surfaced of this al-Qaeda meet-and-greet in which Nasir al-Wuhayshi is seen saying “we must eliminate the cross”, obviously referring to the Christian cross. He also goes on to say “the bearer of the cross is America”. You put two and two together and yes, the United States is still the number 1 target of al-Qaeda.

So why didn’t the U.S. intelligence folks know about this cabal? If they did know about it, why didn’t they do something? During this al-Qaeda soirée, would have been a perfect time for target number 1, the U.S., to launch a pre-emptive surgical strike to take out a bunch of America hating bad guys. That didn’t happen. Instead, the U.S. opted for a few smaller targets in Yemen. On Saturday in Badya, Yemen an air strike killed 10 al-Qaeda operatives and a few civilians. Again on Sunday another air strike in Abyan, Yemen targeted an al-Qaeda training camp killing an unknown number of trainees.

It appears that the Obama administration’s military strategy is to go after multiple small targets instead the large ones with al-Qaeda leadership in attendance.

Many people missed Obama’s State of the Union Address in January of this year because it was thought to be just a rerun of his previous addresses, and it was. But here are a few noteworthy quotes from his address to the nation:

  • “The organization that attacked us on 9/11 is a shadow of itself.”
  • “…we put al-Qaeda’s core leadership on a path to defeat…”
  • “…the threat has evolved as al-Qaeda affiliates and other extremists take root in different parts of the world.”

Yep, al-Qaeda is on the run alright. Running right at US!